Wednesday, 18 May 2011



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Although we hate to admit it we are ADDICTED to the internet and the number 1 killer........ FACEBOOK.

If the site is disabled, receiving message errors, coming up online when you’re not and constant stream of hackers, this site can send anyone over the edge.

The fact is Facebook could easily rule our lives more than the government.
Even the colours blue and white will never be the same for Facebook addicts and well, LFF would like to take full advantage of that and relate it to our obsession, Fashion.

Making us feel unhinged and slightly naked when were unable to get on Facebook, LFF was looking for a fashion collection that subconsciously showed that. 

Tautology Davidelfin NY S/S 2011 screams Facebook Blues in our eyes.


As always LFF totally understand that we all can’t afford catwalk fashion, nor have the figure to pull it off.  So we have search high and low for affordable, wearable alternatives. 
Get the look is at the top today. 


  1. Nice selection*
    That's why BLUE is my favourite color <3