Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wooozaaa you really are a stud

Yes we only saw it a few months ago and yet it is a so called ‘sin’ to wear an out of date trend, if re invented it can be trend leader. A style that has shown this can be done is ‘studded clothing’. Mixed with bright colours and soft summer fabrics, it appears this trend can be worn all year round.

A prime example of showing how fabulous this re worked trend is, the stunning Cheska Hull from Made in Chelsea (an old friend of LFF) rocks it at the night club Bond. Her maxi Studded dress from Aqua is a prime example of an old trend that is transformed into magnificent new one, making you a show stopper.

To create this trend all you need is to raid your past studded garments and combine them with vibrant colours, feminine cuts and soft sensual fabrics.  If you are new to the trend, as usual LFF will always provide you with a cheaper option.
Rock it well you stud.


  1. I love studs, I wear a lot of stuff that aren't even on trend. Stops me from looking like everyone else.

    Check out my bloggy, would be happy if we followed each other lovey.


  2. Love the studded look, I love the difference in looks you've picked, how it can be fierce or quite feminine!
    Following, hope you'll follow back :)