Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wooozaaa you really are a stud

Yes we only saw it a few months ago and yet it is a so called ‘sin’ to wear an out of date trend, if re invented it can be trend leader. A style that has shown this can be done is ‘studded clothing’. Mixed with bright colours and soft summer fabrics, it appears this trend can be worn all year round.

A prime example of showing how fabulous this re worked trend is, the stunning Cheska Hull from Made in Chelsea (an old friend of LFF) rocks it at the night club Bond. Her maxi Studded dress from Aqua is a prime example of an old trend that is transformed into magnificent new one, making you a show stopper.

To create this trend all you need is to raid your past studded garments and combine them with vibrant colours, feminine cuts and soft sensual fabrics.  If you are new to the trend, as usual LFF will always provide you with a cheaper option.
Rock it well you stud.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Im only happy in leather

Even if summer approaching, we know that England is not blessed with weeks of heat and sunshine. Trying to be ‘summer time’ fashionable can be a tad bit challenging when your chattering you teeth from the breeze and subjected to autumn temperatures.  So LFF thought, why not try summer pieces with a warmer twist. 

 LFF have decided there is one way to do this and Leather is a screaming warmer summer trend. May it be shorts, skirts or shirts, there’s no reason why you can’t wear leather this summer on a cooler day and still look on trend.

Leather doesn’t just have to be black and make you look like you’re a part of Hells Angels. This year the high street has a wide range of coloured leather products, so there really is something for everyone.

As always LFF well also hunt for a cheaper options then catwalk so you can look extremely fabulous. Enjoy and keep on following. 



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Wednesday, 18 May 2011



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Although we hate to admit it we are ADDICTED to the internet and the number 1 killer........ FACEBOOK.

If the site is disabled, receiving message errors, coming up online when you’re not and constant stream of hackers, this site can send anyone over the edge.

The fact is Facebook could easily rule our lives more than the government.
Even the colours blue and white will never be the same for Facebook addicts and well, LFF would like to take full advantage of that and relate it to our obsession, Fashion.

Making us feel unhinged and slightly naked when were unable to get on Facebook, LFF was looking for a fashion collection that subconsciously showed that. 

Tautology Davidelfin NY S/S 2011 screams Facebook Blues in our eyes.


As always LFF totally understand that we all can’t afford catwalk fashion, nor have the figure to pull it off.  So we have search high and low for affordable, wearable alternatives. 
Get the look is at the top today. 

Here we are London

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dog swagga

Loving the new Givenchy menswear aw 11 collection.  To me it screams South London, the dogs, the swagger, its just awesome. You want a cheaper way to create it? Don't worry London Factory are always here to help.

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Say it on your t-shirt London

At London Factory Fashion we believe you should say it loud and say it proud. After all we are in a city were bluntness is as normal as breathing.  However, if you’re not one for screaming at the top of your lungs, why not say it on your t- shirt?

A designer who is at the top of his game for clothes that say what others think is the Jeremy Scott. His vibrant t-shirt ranges are so spectacular he is worn from stars like Kelly Osborne to lady gaga (of which he has produced garments for her music videos).

London Factory Fashion has their own range of t shirts which say what London’s think and high street prices there’s no excuse.