Saturday, 17 September 2011


Ham ‘n’ Eggs hosiery launched its inaugural collection on 20/08/2011.
The Ham ‘n’ Eggs line represents a splash of colour and pattern, adding an irreverent and light hearted touch to legwear. Ham ‘n’ eggs includes leggings, tights and socks. The Abstract patterns and delicate detailing are handmade, bringing something new and exciting to these often ordinary items of clothing. This collection speaks to the modern women in being comfortable, bright, loud and quirky in design. The collection also boasts an underwear line using a variety of techniques including marbling. From knickers, bras, vests and bustiers, there is wide range of styles available.
Cockney rhyming slang for legs the hosiery collection can be the centre piece for any outfit, day or night

The line is available from several online retailers, including London Factory Fashion and ASOS Market Place.

Splatter A - £25.00

Feather - £25.00

Splatter B - £22.00

Marbled Bra - £12.00

Marbled 1/4 White Tights - £10.00

Splatter Knee Socks - £8.00

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Marianne Martin
Nineteen74 - Ham 'n' Eggs Hosiery

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